Did you know that April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month? There are a lot of ways we can all help support and spread awareness to prevent child abuse and Illuminate Colorado is one of the organizations leading the way through community education and awareness

Here are some of the ways you can show your support: 

  • Wear blue on April 1st, National Wear Blue Day
    • Blue is the national color for child abuse prevention. 
    • Show support by wearing blue and gathering with other partners, parents, and community members on the West Steps at the Colorado State Capitol. 
    • You can donate to the national or local cause.
  • Order 10 free pinwheels to get started. 
    • The whimsical and childlike essence of the pinwheel serves as the embodiment and reminder of the great, bright childhoods we want for all children. 
  • Plant pinwheels to display outside.
    • “Planting” these pinwheels in the ground represents the growth we want to take root when families have the nurturing resources to build positive childhood experiences. 
  • Learn more about child abuse prevention and the importance of child development.
    • Brain architecture begins to develop before birth and continues through adulthood, having a lasting impact on their experiences throughout life.
    • Babies learn to communicate through serve and return interactions with adults to build social emotional and cognitive skills. 
    • Research shows when this development is interrupted with prolonged, significant adverse experiences, toxic stress can lead to health and learning problems preventing children from realizing their full potential. 
    • Strengthening Families is a research-informed approach with five key protective factors to increasing family strength and child development: parent resilience, social connections, knowledge of parenting and child development, concrete support in times of need, and social and emotional competence of children.

Join us at The Family Center/La Familia in taking part in Child Abuse Prevention month and learn more about the wrap around services we provide to children and their families to help prevent cycles of abuse and ensure all families have the tools and resources to thrive here in Northern Colorado. Learn more about how far your monthly donation can go here.

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