Donate to The Family Center/La Familia

Where else can you make one contribution that:

Supports our community’s economic health

by providing the essential service of childcare. More than 100 employers are represented every day under our roof!

Prepares infants and young children to thrive

in school and graduate high school.

Helps families meet basic needs

like utility assistance, ESL classes, mental health services, and more.

Supports families’ pursuits of citizenship,

cultivating and increasing diversity in our community.

Your Gift Makes a Big Impact!

Thank you for considering a donation to The Family Center/La Familia.

The Child Care Contribution Tax Credit

The Child Care Contribution Tax Credit (the CCTC) provides a valuable tax credit against a taxpayer’s CO state income tax. The credit equals 50 percent of the amount of a contribution made to a qualifying Colorado charitable organization that promotes child care, like The Family Center/ La Familia.

The CCTC applies to contributions of cash, to Colorado institutions that support child care for children under 12 and to certain approved charities.  Under prior law, these contributions were deductible as charitable contributions for federal and state income tax purposes.  In addition, a taxpayer could credit 50% of the contribution against the taxpayer’s Colorado state income tax liability.  These deductions and credits substantially reduced the after -tax cost of such donations to taxpayers. 

There are three easy ways to schedule your tax-deductible gift:

With your support, we can grow our non-profit program, allowing parents to work/attend school, afford childcare, receive resources and assistance, and pay fair wages to our valuable staff. All we do for our Northern Colorado families is done through the focus of our core values:

Trust – Compassion – Diversity – Equity – Inclusion – Love

Why I Donate...

“My husband and I choose to financially support The Family Center and it’s work as the ONLY early childhood and family resource center in Larimer County.  We love that they not only provide educational services to 100 children they also support families with services like utility bill assistance and a community pantry.

Our dollars also go further with The Family Center because of the Colorado ChildCare Contribution Tax Credit which is equal to half our donation. If you’ve ever thought about donating to The Family Center now is a great time!”

-Tricia Canonico

Why I Donate...

“I love that The Family Center supports lower-income families that are working and just need a little extra support to achieve their goals and succeed.  They provide such an important wrap-around support system that helps parents and children be successful in improving their quality of life and be proud of their accomplishments.”

-Rachel Lee