Family Strengthening Services

We are proud to offer home and community based services and education opportunities to help strengthen the whole family.

Please call 970-221-1615 to find out class dates, times and to register.

Family Development Program

Through this program, family development workers work one-on-one with families to assist them in setting and achieving transformative goals in their lives to move toward self-reliance and healthy interdependence. The framework, a research-based approach known as the family development approach, focuses on helping families build from their strengths, take charge of their lives, and access resources that are available in their communities. We acknowledge that parents are the experts on their own families and want to do right by their child and utilize this model with families participating in programs across the center.

Additional Family Strengthening Services Programs:

Sexual Assault Victims Advocacy Spanish-Speaking Women’s Group
CORE Coaching
Friendly Visitor Program

Meet Theresa

Teresa is married with four children. She has participated in family development classes for 5 years. She is also learning English through ESL classes at The Family Center. Theresa has gained confidence in herself after participating in parenting and family development classes at The Center. The support she receives through the classes empowers her to make smart parenting choices and be a better mother.