Mi Voz

Leadership and Advocacy

What is Mi Voz?

Mi Voz is a Leadership Development and community engagement program dedicated to making positive changes in mobile home parks and the North College corridor by utilizing community strengths to create community solutions. Mi voz is working with the following resident-led projects

Community garden at The Family Center / La Familia

Poudre Food Partnership

The Poudre Food Partnership was formed to complete the research and planning objectives of a two-year Regional Food Systems Partnership (RFSP) planning grant awarded to The Northern Colorado Foodshed Project, The Growing Project, The Family Center/La Familia, ReKaivery, Poudre Valley Community Farms, and Colorado State University (CSU) Extension by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS). Our center is facilitating a working group to explore, learn, and brainstorm ways to identify and address the current barriers community members face when producing, purchasing, accessing, and advocating for local and regional agricultural products with the goal to secure a seat at the table for historically marginalized communities to have a say in policies and programs that directly affect their livelihood and health.

Community Hub Logo

Community HUB

In collaboration with the Urban Renewal Authority, since 2019 mobile home residents have come together through a community asset project to advise on the use of vacant land and buildings along the North College corridor with the purpose of having a central location for community members to gather, celebrate, develop new skills, and access resources. Our role is to facilitate advisory meetings, coordinate outreach and provide technical support for the exploration of potential community center models. Our collective goal is to assist in the facilitation of this 100% resident led initiative ultimately leading to a self-sustaining project inspired by, led and owned by the residents of the North College corridor.

Group of people sitting around a table listening to a presentation

Leadership Lab

In partnership with Colorado State University Extension’s Family Leadership Training Institute (FLTI) this 10-week course covers topics in Leadership Development, Civic Engagement, Community Problem Solving, Public Speaking, and more. With help from trained facilitators participants will also identify a cause and create their own community project that will enrich their communities. Mi Voz offers residents leaders additional opportunities by inviting guests from both public and nonprofit sectors to update on policy and development affecting their communities. These leaders are also offered opportunities to sit on city wide committees, working and focus groups in order to be active voices in the betterment of their communities.

Mobile Homes

Mobile Home Parks Support

Mi Voz partners with other organizations to bring additional resources to the community. The Know your Rights sessions provides mobile home residents with helpful information about their housing rights, residents can also access Legal Housing Clinics for private consultations with Colorado Poverty Law Project and with 9 to 5 residents learn about the legislative sessions and what bills may impact their communities. Residents are also offered the support needed when they transition into creating their own resident-led organizations in their perspective mobile home parks either for advocacy and community building purposes as well as awareness on the steps towards Mobile Home Park resident ownership when parks go up for sale.

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