As we shared last month, The Family Center/La Familia’s El Nidito Early Childhood Program received a four-star rating through the Colorado Shines system. You can view our profile with our new rating on the Colorado Shines website here.

What is Colorado Shines?

A Colorado Shines rating (levels 1-5) communicates to families that our childcare program provides a high-quality experience for children. The statewide program is designed to provide parents with peace of mind that a program is safe and supports healthy development for children.

In addition to a quality rating, the Colorado Shines system also shows licensing history and complaint reports for each early childhood program. A Colorado Shines rating means a  program is licensed, in good standing, and meets health and safety standards during regular reviews by state officials.

What does a 4-star Colorado Shines rating mean?

Programs with higher ratings (Levels 3-5) have gone through a process to demonstrate high-quality programs and practices in all areas that Colorado Shines reviews, based on how well a program:

  • Supports children’s health and safety
  • Ensures the staff are well-trained and effective
  • Provides a learning environment that teaches children new skills
  • Helps parents become partners in their child’s learning
  • Has good leadership and business practices
Preschool-aged children stack colorful wooden blocks together at a table.

Quality early childhood programs translate to better outcomes in late childhood and adulthood. A child’s brain develops faster during their first five years of life than during any other time, making this period crucial for providing positive experiences and setting children up for success in school.

Learn more about our El Nidito program, see tuition rates, and join the waitlist on our website

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