Since 1995 The Family Center / La Familia has provided the community with high quality early childhood education and family support services. Children and families learn and connect with each other improving social skills, reducing social isolation, developing leadership skills, and gaining access to community resources. 

Over the years those served and those supporting may change but one thing carries through: the resounding impact of those who choose to become month donors. Monthly giving, recurring donation, has a plethora of remarkable benefits for the donor and for us. Monthly donation empowers donors and helps sustain our organization, helping us GROW!

Children standing together after "graduating"

Convenience and consistency for you, stability and sustainability for us. 

  • Convenience for you: Monthly donation allows donors to give back to the causes that matter to them without lifting a finger. Once recurring contributions are set up, the regular donation is effortless and hassle free. 
  • Consistency for you: The seamless process allows those who give to stay committed and engaged in supporting the organizations that are important to them. 
  • Budgeting for you: Plus, recurring contributions can help plan a consistent budget that spreads incremental donations across the year. Donors can integrate giving into financial planning limiting the significant impact on their wallet with one time donations.  

Every monthly donation, no matter the sum, adds up over time, amplifying the impact on the crucial work to support children and families in our community. Donors make a difference month after month and we receive consistent donations, providing a funding source we can rely on. 

  • Stability for us: A steady stream of recurring donations provides financial stability where other funding may be uncertain. One-time giving and other funding sources may fluctuate in frequency, availability or amount. Monthly donations are predictable, allowing us to plan and execute programs with confidence. 
  • Sustainability for us: Dedicated funding sustains our ability to invest in long-term initiatives and growth opportunities that help us pursue our mission ambitiously. This fortifies our resilience and fosters a sense of excellence for the center. 
The Family Center's Board of Directors

Empowerment and engagement for all. 

  • Empowerment together: Donors are empowered through monthly donation to play an active role in driving positive change in our community. We are empowered through those reliable donations to be a catalyst for that change, finding new opportunities to innovate and grow our services. 
  • Engagement together: Donations year round allow us to forge deeper connections together and with the work happening throughout the year. Fundraising events happen at specific moments in time but recurring donation can provide heightened engagement with the work happening at the center throughout the year. 

Our monthly donors mean the world to us and how they help us GROW! That is why they are frequently highlighted for the value they provide and given unique opportunities to engage at special events. This goes beyond just acknowledgment as we nurture a sense of belonging and camaraderie between us and our donors to foster a vibrant community. These lasting relationships turn donors into partners and advocates for the critical work supporting our children and families. 

Thank you to the monthly donors who are already a part of our growing, resilient community. If monthly donation may be of interest to you, we encourage you to learn more about our organization and the impact that you can have through monthly donation.

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