GROW Monthly Donation Campaign

for The Family Center/La Familia

A monthly donation from our supporters provides reliable income for The Family Center/La Familia, and ultimately makes the greatest impact on our ability to plan long-term when providing care for children & families.

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4 Reasons Monthly Giving Is Good for YOU:


It's Convenient

Just set it up one time and receive fewer financial asks

Hear From us Regularly

You receive our overwhelming gratitude and happy updates


We Give Thanks

You receive acknowledgment in every way we can provide it

You Make a Difference

YOU can make a regular, compounded impact on our nonprofit… and that feels good!

Your Regular Donation Helps to…

Grow Young Minds

Grow Our Early Childhood Program

Grow Friendships

Grow Trust

Grow A Bright Future

Grow Our Community

Our Ask

The Family Center/La Familia is calling on local donors and community members to support operational funds (scholarships) to supplement parents’ ability to pay for care until a permanent, sustainable long-term solution is identified.

There is a critical shortage of affordable childcare in Larimer County, so we are working in partnership with Teaching Tree, the Early Childhood Council of Larimer County, the United Way, and others on community-wide efforts for collective fundraising, garnering public support and learning from communities who have prioritized early childhood education.

Your Donation Will
  • Move toward our goal of increasing teachers’ wages to better compensate them for this critical work
  • Provide employee assistance benefits for our incredible early childhood teachers and staff (behavioral health benefits)
  • Improve quality of instruction and classroom support for children with learning and social/emotional challenges
  • Support our early childhood mental health program that is successfully integrating social/emotional learning components in the classroom to address COVID-19 related and other challenging behaviors
  • Help cover necessary physical space improvements such as shade sails for playground, classroom supplies, a new fence for the preschool/dinosaur playground and more
  • Equip us with possible additional playground upgrades (fixing the concrete drop off on the preschool playground, repairing, replacing, or removing the small picket fence, etc.)
  • And the ability to add a (emergency required) door/exit to an existing administrative office that would allow us to convert this to an additional classroom or indoor play space
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