We are thankful for many things toward the end of the year but this month, we want to focus on gratitude for our BRAINS. More specifically? Our mental health and resiliency. 

Through this pandemic so many of us have become more aware of, had more serious conversations about, and even developed better practices for addressing our mental health and building our personal wellbeing and resilience. We have also seen and experienced more challenges and struggles with our mental health and ability to keep going. Nonetheless, we have continued to push through and find new ways to improve our wellbeing, our happiness, and many of us have found new strength and empowerment through these experiences. THIS is something to be GRATEFUL for! 

However, we also know that there been many ups and downs not just for us as adults, but the same has been true, if not more exacerbated for kids. Children are in some of their most foundational years of development. They have experienced this pandemic in a way that is impossible for us adults to fully understand. The best we can do is help them find ways to cope and build their own mental health proactively. Talk about a generation that has the potential to come out of this with a type of insight and resiliency that is purely unique to them. THIS deserves acknowledgement and GRATITUDE.  

But as parents, teachers, and role models, how can we help to instill good practices for resiliency and proactive mental health? 

The Colorado Department of Early Childhood explains that social, emotional, and behavioral health begin at birth. This lays the foundation for a child to manage emotions, have positive relationships, resolve conflicts, and peacefully take care of others. Find some tips to support this development from birth to age 8 here. Colorado even has a free program for caregivers who desire extra support in building these skills, find more about this program here.  

You can find some great information, resources, and events through our partner, the Early Childhood Council of Larimer County. Public libraries can be another great resource for helping to find programs, books, and other resources for supporting ourselves and our children. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your local branch of the Poudre River Public Library or other local libraries. 

Finally, check out this Pinterest page for some quick and easy tips, as well as books and other resources to find more ways you can continue to support your child’s growth and development through their social, emotional, and behavioral health. 

This monthly blog post is in direct support of our GROW monthly donor campaign. Our monthly donors help support our young kids, their parents, and our programming. All of these support both our kids and their families mental and physical well being. Learn more about the power of monthly donation and consider becoming one yourself here.

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