Have you heard about The Family Center/La Familia’s GROW campaign yet? We’ve talked a lot recently about year-end giving, but there’s an even better way to support our organization. GROW is our campaign for monthly donors; that means we’ve set things up so you can donate smaller amounts every month rather than one large year-end gift. 

How it Helps The Family Center/La Familia

Monthly giving is amazing for nonprofits, because it helps us set our monthly and yearly budgets based on regular, recurring donations. Monthly donations allow us to plan ahead further and to more easily cover repeat expenses. Here are some of the regular expenses we incur at La Familia, and how your donation can help:

  • $10 provides wipes for the entire infant classroom for one week ($40 would cover wipes for an entire MONTH)
  • $20 provides diapers for the entire infant classroom for one week
  • $30 provides a much needed booster or car seat to a family who cannot afford one, along with the corresponding safety program
  • $100 provides breakfasts for a week for ALL of the children in our center

You can join the GROW campaign HERE and help The Family Center manage these weekly and monthly costs.

How it Helps YOU

  1. It’s affordable – Monthly giving allows you to spread your donations out, kind of like a payment plan; if you plan to give The Family Center $500 at the end of each year, consider splitting that up into less than $42 per month. 
  2. It’s convenient – Set up your recurring payments in one session and receive fewer financial asks throughout the year.
  3. Colorado Childcare Contribution Tax Credit – The tax credit applies to small, regular donations in the same way it applies to large ones. Fifty percent of your gift amount is deducted from your taxable income; The Family Center/La Familia will provide you with the annual total of your donations.
  4. Impact – Regular donations become compounded throughout the year and are the most helpful way you can support a nonprofit…and that feels good!

Learn more about the GROW campaign or donate now HERE.  And thank you for your support, from all of us at The Family Center/La Familia. We couldn’t do it without you!

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