October 5 is World Teachers’ Day followed by Train Your Brain Day on October 13 so it seemed only fitting to focus on education and how we GROW at The Family Center/La Familia by focusing on our teachers and early childhood education.

World Teachers’ Day celebrates all teachers around the world on the October 5 anniversary of the 1966 UNESCO recommendation about the rights and responsibilities of teachers (UNESCO.org). This year’s celebration will focus on recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and what supports teachers need to contribute to the process, find a full list of activities during the virtual celebration here.

This day goes beyond the well-deserved appreciation of teachers to spark conversation and progress around the challenges that teachers face and discover new ways to contribute to their continued education and professional well-being (World Teachers’ Day 2021). By focusing on teachers in this way, the day helps us focus on contributions toward students and overall community development.

The Joint Statement from UNESCO, ILO, UNICEF, and Education International:

On World Teachers’ Day, we are not only celebrating every teacher. We are calling on countries to invest in them and prioritize them in global education recovery efforts so that every learner has access to a qualified and supported teacher. Let’s stand with our teachers!

Later in the month of October we also celebrate National Train Your Brain Day to encourage brain exercise. This means it’s time to get out your puzzles and riddles, play by yourself or against others. Puzzles are a great way to expand and exercise your brain and use more of its potential capacity (Art of Memory).

Many scientists say that only a small percentage of the brain is used and there is room for further expanding our capacity for learning and knowledge and this day is here to celebrate that growth and development (Farmington Community Library).

So how can you train your brain? Time yourself completing puzzles or solving problems. Considering playing against a friend for an added challenge. Crossword puzzles, jig saw puzzles, math problems, and brain teasers are all great examples! Check out this list of games from BrainRx and what cognitive skills they foster. Then head to this Pintrest page with TONS of ideas for brain building activities with kids.

Thank you for continued to support our work in developing strong teachers and strong kids to support the growth and development of our community! Learn more about how you can help GROW our work through monthly donation here: https://thefamilycenterfc.org/grow/

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