We recognize that often shopping for children is far more fun than simply donating financially. Sometimes knowing what is needed most is difficult to pinpoint. We spoke with our center staff to come up with a list of the most loved and most needed items for the children we care for at The Family Center/ La Familia. These items bring joy, comfort and creativity. Thank you for considering to donate.

  1. Get Movin’ Trikes for toddlers and older children
  2. Push N Scoot scooters for our younger children
  3. Nap Mats – sets of 5
  4. Toddler Picnic Table  
  5. Carpet for Circle Time
  6. Toddler Couch
  7. Dress Up Tree

Items can be shipped to:

The Family Center

309 Hickory St #5, Fort Collins, CO 80524

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