The Family Center/La Familia is proud and grateful to have the support of JBS Australian Imports as one of our major donors and sponsors!

JBS works to feed our local families on a daily basis, so their mission and goal falls right in line with ours!

The number one beef producer in the United States, JBS offers a wide variety of brands, programs, and products that meet the needs of their large customer base.

Photo Courtesy of JBS Foods USA

JBS’s support helps us reach our goals

From education and recreation to healthcare and social services, JBS chooses to invest in meaningful community projects that have lasting benefits. That is what we strive to do as well – work with our children, families, and community to create meaningful and lasting benefits for all.

Their support has allowed us to create a long-lasting and meaningful impact in our surrounding community. Community is the common thread between their mission and The Family Center/La Familia.

Taking responsibility

JBS understands how important it is to be a leader in the communities where its employees work. Their goal is to be considered a helping neighbor, and by giving back to the community to organizations such as The Family Center/La Familia, they are doing just that. They are providing our organization the opportunities to cover operational costs, offer scholarships and financial assistance to our families, and giving us the freedom and support to expand and grow – all so we can serve more children and families in the greater community.

Thank you JBS

Thank you, JBS for your continued support and for being such a great leader for communities throughout Northern Colorado!

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