Recently, The Family Center/La Familia was honored that our Mi Voz programming was spotlighted in Kyle Clark’s 9News segment, Word of Thanks

The work of Mi Voz speaks to the heart of our mission to support, educate, and uplift our community. Mi Voz expands beyond our early childhood and family support services to build partnerships and empower community members to thrive in Northern Colorado. 

Mi Voz works to create community engagement programming, focused on empowering adults, particularly from low-income, Latinx, and immigrant backgrounds. 

Key components include:

  1. Cultural relevance focused on the lived experiences of participants
  2. Leadership development through role models who guide participants
  3. Community partnerships for real world application and impact

Partnerships are at the core of this work. These partnerships bring together various local businesses, educational institutions, nonprofits, and government agencies to create supportive programming for building a stronger, more resilient community. 

two men shaking hands in a room of community members

Currently, Mi Voz has four core programming partnerships:

  1. Poudre Food Partnership: focuses on research and planning with numerous regional partners on ways to address the barriers for historically marginalized communities to accessing the agricultural industry.
  2. Community HUB: supports community centered models for the future of the North College corridor, focused on resident-led efforts in partnership with mobile home residents and the Urban Renewal Authority.
  3. Leadership Lab: partners with Colorado State University Extension’s Family Leadership Training Institute in a 10-week course to activate community voice and empower participants to create a project to build leadership skills and enrich their communities.
  4. Mobile Home Parks Support: brings together resources for mobile home residents about housing rights, legal services, and policy and legislative information to build awareness and empowerment toward home ownership.

If you feel inspired to support this work, consider starting right here, with The Family Center / La Familia!

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