Young kids are naturally curious. They like to ask questions as they learn about and experience new parts of our world. JackRabbit Care mentions some of the common benefits of developing curiosity in kids

  • Counteract boredom 
  • Cultivate an active mind
  • Inspire persistence
  • Counteract self-absorption
  • Set up long-term success

We’ve pulled together highlights from some great articles with a variety of ways families and educators can support the growth of curiosity in children. 

baby making questioning face

Wondering Asks Who, What, When, Where, Why – ZerotoThree points out this easy tip of modeling curiosity by asking your child or answering a child’s question with a follow up. Examples include: 

  • Ask them to investigate and try to respond to their own question by asking them where you could find the answer together.
  • Ask them questions about what they are observing outside, the sorts of questions they will likely be asking you about the things around them.

Use Books! – Scholastic points out that engaging kids in new topics through books, or providing them with a “wonder notebook” to write down their ideas can be great tools for developing curiosity. Here a couple great lists of books: 

child playing with sand

Quick Tips from the Today Show: 

  • Opportunities to explore
  • Connect with nature – visit the zoo, a park or trail
  • Be observant – help children name and describe what they see
  • Unstructured play – discovery and imagination time

Other Tips from JackRabbit include: 

  • Teaching flexibility in thinking and doing
  • Encourage them to make their own choices
  • Instill confidence and competence to explore
  • Support and share in exploration and discovery
  • Add novelty and challenge to routine

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