There are tons of resources out there to give families creative ideas for boosting learning and curiosity. Here are some of the great websites with resources for kids at all ages and with varying interests.

PBS Kids for Parents

A great feature on the site is the search box. This lets you fill in an age or age range, what help you are looking for (math, science, etc.), if your child watches any PBS shows, and what types of activities you are looking for. This is so helpful to get to some great resources quickly. Or just select an age and peruse the site!

National Geographic Kids

This site has a whole section dedicated to brain boosters. From educational videos and games to crafts you can do together, National Geographic has a bit of everything. There are so many topics and ideas. It might be worth just clicking around a bit with a child and see what might peak their interest. 

child gluing pieces of paper to make a rainbow

Curious World

This is another great site to select by age and find all kinds of video, book, and game based educational content. From stories, to help with counting, and spelling, this site has a bit of everything. They even have an app!

TIME for kids

TIME for kids has an adult and a child portal, making it easy to navigate to content appropriate for kids to engage with directly or for adults to find resources to share with their child. The site has articles and current events and history that can be read at varying grade levels or with an adult. This is a great way to spark thoughtful conversation with a child!

child smiling with headphones on

Both Sesame Street and BBC Kids (CBeebies) have great troves of content from videos to games to book and craft ideas. These two have both a child and adult section on their pages so you can easily help a child navigate the page or find resources for offline use for a parent or family member.

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