Spring Break is around the corner and before we know it it will be summer break too. With each break comes time for family memories to be made through road trips and travel adventures of all kinds. While these travels are a great way to bond with loved ones, with little ones in tow, it can bring challenges. Not to mention, traveling can take a toll on the pocketbook. That is why we know the dollar store can provide a goldmine of affordable treasures to make any journey smoother and more enjoyable. Check out this list of 9 essential dollar store items and activities to keep the kids entertained and your sanity intact!

Travel games galore

Compact games like mini puzzles, card games, and magnetic board games are packable and provide hours of fun during those long stretches of highway boredom. 

DIY activity boxes

Fill a crayon box or other container with dollar store finds like stickers, crayons, and coloring pads. Customize each box to your kid’s interests and their imagination can soar!

Snack solutions

Stock up on essential snacks like individual bags of chips, pretzels, and fruit snacks. Don’t forget spill proof snack cups to keep munchies contained!

Car bingo

Grab some clipboards, markers, and printable bingo cards to create your own car bingo and find a fun, interactive way to pass the time. 

Jammin’ Playlists

Load up on your family’s favorite tunes on your preferred music streaming service or with library CDs. Sing-alongs will become the norm before you know it!

Travel-friendly art supplies

Mini sketchbooks, colored pencils, and washable markers can keep your little Picasso busy for hours. Bonus for grabbing a lap desk for easy, on-the-go doodling.

Scavenger hunt kits

Use dollar store goodies like magnifying glasses, binoculars, and disposable cameras to put together a scavenger hunt. As you make your ebay to your destination, encourage kids to explore the world around them. 

Pillow fort

Gather pillowcases, blankets, and clothespins to create the ultimate pillow fort in the backseat. Talk about a cozy oasis for reading, napping, and just hanging out through the chaos of the road. 

Crafts for the car

Foam stickers, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes can make the start of a travel-friend craft supplies kit. Let your kids’ creativity run wild with DIY projects perfect for on-the-go crafting sessions. 

family with two young children stands near the water

We hope these dollar store gems in tow, your road trip is sure to be a memorable adventure filled with laughter, fun, and hopefully the occasional moments of relaxation. 

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