The holiday season is a wonderful time filled with joy, togetherness, and creating lasting memories with loved ones. However, with a lot for any parent to juggle, it can be difficult to find a balance for children to enjoy screen time and ensure they stay engaged with the holiday festivities and traditions. These tips can help with managing screen time so you can make the most of the season while fostering a healthy relationship with technology. 

  1. Set Clear Boundaries

Before the holiday season begins, sit down with your kids and establish ground rules regarding when and how they can use screens. Make sure the rules are age-appropriate and take into account family traditions and special activities during the holiday season.

  1. Plan Screen-Free Activities

To help minimize screen time, plan screen-free activities for the whole family to enjoy! Some ideas could be baking cookies, decorating the house, or going for a winter walk. Having a variety of engaging alternatives can help divert attention away from screens and make for more holiday memories.

family with mom dad and son and daughter reading a book near a Christmas tree
  1. Encourage Creative Screen Time

Educational activities are a great way to build learning into screen time. Explore interactive educational apps or create digital holiday greeting cards for family and friends. This helps turn screen time from passive entertainment to an active learning and creativity building tool. 

  1. Be a Role Model

Children frequently learn by example. Be a model for the value of real-life interactions and quality time with loved ones. Limit your own screen time during holiday celebrations, participate in family activities, and show children the importance of being in the moment. 

  1. Implement a Screen Time Schedule

Creating a screen time schedule can set expectations for when your children can expect to be able to use their devices. This is a good practice all year round but during the holidays it may be necessary to make adjustments for special events or gatherings. A consistent schedule can help with routine and reduce conflict. 

  1. Set Screen-Free Zones

Designate certain areas of the house as screen-free zones, such as the dining room during meals or the living room during a game night. Zones can help reinforce that there are specific times and places for screens and that the holidays are about connecting with loved ones. 

  1. Engage in Technology Together

It can also be valuable to engage in technology together as a family. Playing a multiplayer video game or watching holiday themed movies or videos together can create shared experiences and even build traditions that strengthen family bonds. 

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  1. Reflect and Adjust

Take time during and after the holidays to reflect on how screen time management worked for your family. Discuss with your children what went well and what could be improved. This helps give them a role in how screen time is managed and adjust for the future. 

Hopefully these tips can help children enjoy a balanced holiday season that prioritizes quality time with loved ones and builds family traditions. The holiday season is a time for making memories that will last a lifetime and thoughtful screen time management can help build meaningful and connected celebrations. 

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