As we run into the high heat of July, we thought it was a perfect time to share some tips and reminders for keeping little ones safe during those days playing at the park or cooling off at the pool. We love the quick basics in this video and the 10 tips they provide for a happy, healthy summer!

The CDC provides a great list of reminders as well to ensure (1) water safety, (2) sun safety, and (3) home, work, and play safety. We’ve shared some of our favorites below, but you can find the full article here

Water Safety

  1. Supervision from a caregiver. Ensure that children have someone closely watching them at all times to avoid drowning. 
  2. Life jackets that fit properly. *Note: arm floaties can slip down and a kid can still drown without proper supervision. Always use a life jacket that is secure around the core of a child.
  3. Avoid water illnesses. Germs are easily spread through bodily fluids, make sure to clean grimy hands and bodies and take frequent bathroom breaks. 

Sun Safety

  1. Find shade, especially midday, when UV rays are the strongest. 
  2. Cover up with long sleeves and pants for protection. 
  3. Wear a hat to cover the sensitive parts of the head, neck, and face.
  4. Wear sunglasses to protect kid and adult eyes from UV rays. 
  5. Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going outside (minimum SPF 15). Don’t forget to re-apply throughout the day!

Tinkergarten has a great list of their favorite trusted summer gear to help keep everyone safe, happy, and healthy in the summer. Check it out!

Check out this fun Safety Smart video with Timon and Pumbaa that is great to watch with new swimmers about how to stay safe in the water!

You can find more Safety Smart resources and videos, including these two on YouTube about traveling and fire safety.

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