Healthy Living Programs

A healthy lifestyle is key to a healthy family. We offer help with health care questions and health education opportunities.

Community Garden

Our community garden, a partnership with The Growing Project, is family-friendly, volunteer-driven, free, and open to all community members. We grow a variety of organic vegetables and herbs that volunteers take home in exchange for their time, and what is left over is utilized by our center’s nutrition coordinator to create delicious, fresh meals and snacks for the children in our center. We also work alongside our Early Childhood 3-5 year old classrooms and after school Youth Program to provide hands-on programming where kids can learn, play, eat, and grow right alongside the vegetables they themselves have planted.

Health Screenings

The following screenings are offered throughout the year at The Family Center / La Familia to ensure healthy development in the children we work with:




Milestone Assessments

Ages & Stages Questionnaire

Ages & Stages Questionnaire: Social / Emotional