As the school year starts up again, we thought it would be a good time to focus on resources for learning with kids at home. Of course, The Family Center/La Familia provides childcare year-round but nonetheless, many centers, including ours, cannot run at full capacity, leaving many in varying circumstances not only working from home but with kids at home as well.

Now more than ever there are TONS of great resources out there for learning with kids at home. We wanted to provide some quick links to a couple of these great resources and then focus specifically on some resources that can support Latinx families in our community!

*The CDC has the option to translate their site into multiple languages, including Spanish (

While these resources provide a great starting point, we recognize that not all parents and families come with the same means or capacities to help their children succeed with at-home learning, no matter their age. Our early childhood education center, El Nidito, is not just low cost and affordable for families in need but also provides bilingual support services for families. An extra challenge is placed on English Second Language (ESL) parents in our community when they are asked to have their kids learn from home. Here are some additional tips and resources for teachers and families to support ESL individuals.

  • Last but not least, the League of United Latin American Citizens has a page dedicated to information and resources for parents, many of which are in English and Spanish:

One of the best ways to support our organization, and the kids and families that we serve is through monthly donations. Learn more about the impact your monthly donation can make here:

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