Code of Conduct & Liability Release for All Events

Code of Conduct for Event Participation

This code of conduct is established to ensure that everybody in attendance can have a good time. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS for violations of this Code of Conduct.

  • Smoking is allowed only in designated areas
  • All Attendees WILL BE EXPECTED to conduct themselves in a manner that does not put themselves or others at risk of personal injury.
  • Any person(s) OBVIOUSLY INTOXICATED to the extent that they are a danger to themselves or others will not be permitted to enter the event.
  • Attendees are encouraged to have a good time. However, any disorderly conduct or conduct that is likely to provoke disorderly conduct from others will not be tolerated. Those acting in such a manner will be required to leave the event.
  • Any persons that cause willful damage to any facilities, equipment or property will be required to leave the event and could face criminal charges.
  • There will be a NO TOLERANCE policy regarding violence of any kind.
  • NO WEAPONS allowed.
  • La Familia  and My Big Day assume no responsibility for damages or losses incurred by participants, guests or attendees at the event. We also assume no responsibility for any food, beverages, floral arrangements, décor or items, either personal or professional, or any other items whatsoever brought by anyone to the event prior to, during, or after the event.
  • We are NOT responsible for any poor decisions made on your part, injury, death, intoxication, etc. Your personal property is your responsibility.
  • Any directives given by Law Enforcement, Security Personnel or Event Staff are expected to be followed immediately. Failure to do so will result in removal from the event.
  • Attendees must obey all rules and laws that pertain to the event and facilities where events take place.
  • All attendees are encouraged to have a good time. Please do so in a responsible manner!
  • All events take place rain, snow or shine, unless otherwise notified.
  • Ticket purchases are final, no refunds available.​
  • Photos and video taken by professional photographers and videographers at events belong to the professional photographers and videographers, and they own all rights to those images. By attending an event, you are agreeing to a ‘model release’, allowing photos to be distributed by My Big Day and the professionals for their own professional use.
  • Participation in physical activities are at will. We will not run physical exams prior to participation, so participate at your own risk.

        By participating in any of our events, you and your entire party are agreeing to forfeit all rights to bring suit against La Familia, My Big Day LLC, their agents, employees, partners, volunteers, successors and assigns, and their respective heirs, personal representatives, affiliates, successors and assigns. You agree to all of the items listed above and instructions & rules given at the event.


        Event Consent During COVID-19 Pandemic 

        Due to the global pandemic outbreak of COVID-19 and for the safety and protection of the health of our staff, clients and event attendees, we are implementing safety measures in compliance with the safety precautions published by the CDC and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

        • I confirm that I have NOT tested positive for Coronavirus in the last 14 days.
        • I confirm that I am NOT waiting for the results of a laboratory test for Coronavirus.
        • I verify that I have not been identified as a contact of someone who has tested positive for Coronavirus or been asked to self-isolate by The Colorado Department of Health or any other government agency.
        • I confirm that I do not currently have any of the symptoms of COVID-19 identified by the CDC.
        • I understand the I must wash and sanitize my hands regularly, and mask wearing and social distancing is recommended by the CDC.
        • I understand that La Familia and the My Big Day team and all participating vendors will do everything possible to minimize the spread of COVID-19 and I will not hold them responsible should I contract COVID-19.
        • By participating in this event, I agree to the above statements and release La Familia, My Big Day, it’s staff and participating vendors and businesses from any liability for the unintentional exposure of the Coronavirus.
        • I confirm that I am not in the high risk category for increased illness or death from COVID-19, including: diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, lung disease including moderate to severe asthma, being immune-compromised, having active malignancy.

         By attending our events, you are agreeing to the CODE OF CONDUCT and EVENT CONSENT above.