Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated from September 15th to October 15th each year to recognize and honor the rich contributions of Hispanic and Latinx individuals to our culture, history, and society. There are many ways you can celebrate this year right here in Northern Colorado! 

Visit Local Museums and Cultural Centers

The Loveland Museum, Fort Collins Museum of Discovery, and the Greeley History Museum often host special exhibits and events during Hispanic Heritage Month. Exhibits like these can offer insights into the heritage, traditions, and stories of the Hispanic and Latinx communities of Northern Colorado. 

Support Latinx Owned Businesses

Check out the NoCO Latino Chamber of Commerce for a list of businesses that are owned by and support our hispanic community in Northern Colorado. COnsider supporting these businesses for services and shopping you are looking for. 

Attend Events and Performances

Keep an eye out for local events, art installations, and performances. Sometimes you can find these posted at libraries or expand your reach and check out what is happening in Denver. Anything from small fairs, booths at farmers markets, art installations at local galleries, and musical and dance performances that highlight hispanic culture. 

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Explore Latinx Cuisine

Food is integral to any culture, and Hispanic cuisine is no exception! Northern Colorado has some great, authentic restaurants that offer a taste of many Latinx culinary treasures. From mouthwatering tacos to flavorful pupusas and aromatic arroz con pollo, exploring eateries is a delicious way to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. 

Attend Language Workshops

Think about learning a new language! Find workshops that focus on Spanish or other Latin American languages. Learning basic phrases can help you connect with the culture on a deeper level and foster a greater appreciation for the heritage. 

Host a Cultural Exchange

Bring together friends, neighbors, and loved ones to share your favorite Hispanic dishes, music, movies, and traditions to learn about others’ experiences and backgrounds. Gatherings like these are a great way to foster cross-cultural understanding and friendship. 

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Support Local Community Organizations

There are a number of community organizations like ours in Northern Colorado that promote support the Hispanic community and celebrate Latinx heritage. Considering donating or volunteering with these organizations to connect with the community, participate in cultural activities, and contribute to meaningful work. 

Consider starting right here, with The Family Center / La Familia!

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