Our Board of Directors:


Kristy Beachy-Quick, President

Expertise: Social service program evaluation

Brad March, Secretary

Expertise: Attorney at Law

Ally Eden

Expertise: Health equity; community development

Anda Stephenson

Expertise: Attorney at Law; parent

Andréa Shulski

Expertise: Development

Bruno Sobral

Expertise: Strategy; public health

Jane Hunt

Expertise: Family development; community engagement

Janina Farinas

Expertise: Clinical psychology, Latinx mental health, infant mental health, health equity

Johanna Ulloa

Expertise: Literacy; social work; equity and diversity

Jon Prouty

Expertise: Business; management

Maddie Dimick

Expertise: Early childhood education; fundraising; event planning

Melanie Holzner

Expertise: Project management; marketing

Miles Larson

Expertise: Parent