Our Board of Directors:


Melanie Holzner, President

Expertise: Marketing / Event Planning; Project Management

Beth Jaeger, Vice President

Expertise: Human Resources

Latoya Noel, Secretary

Expertise: TFC parent; Training & program development, CSU

Victoria Shaw, Treasurer

Expertise: Finance; accounting


Johanna Ulloa, Former President

Expertise: MSW; Spanish; expert in race, equality & diversity

Krista Martinez, Former Vice President

Expertise: Expert facilitator; equity/anti-opression trainings and consultation; community organizer; community coach

Jim Martell, Former Secretary

Expertise: Lawyer


Kristy Beachy-Quick, Past President

Expertise: Social service program evaluation

Dave Williams

Expertise: Former judge and lawyer

Alma Vigo-Morales

Expertise: Spanish; diversity expert