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Did you know?

The Family Center/La Familia (TFC/LF)...

is the only early care and education center in Larimer County that offers comprehensive supports for families like utility bill assistance, a community closet filled with toiletries and basic hygeine products, bilingual parent educators and resource navigators?

The Family Center/La Familia (TFC/LF)...

also has a whole team devoted to leadership development among families living in mobile home parks working on housing advocacy and other community issues they identify?

How you can help…

Your support during this unprecedented time in our community is needed now more than ever before.

Please consider donating what you are able during this time.

We hope you feel encouragement in the good you are doing to help support local families through the descriptions below on how far your contribution can go!


  • Goal 100% 100%

GRAND TOTAL: $51,851

Childcare Contribution Tax Credit

The credit equals 50% of the amount of a contribution made to a qualifying Colorado charitable organization that promotes child care, like The Family Center/La Familia.

Our 3 Pillars

Thank you to those who have donated to our BELONG fundraiser:

Tova Aragon
in honor of Sonia Russell Cheechov
in honor of Beth Jaeger
Amanda Marie Lopez
In loving memory of Wayne Ringlien
Jeff Rowan
Ellen Brinks
Joakim & Melanie Holzner
In loving memory of Patricia Paredes Magee
Karen & Thomas Guter
in honor of Luann
Lauren & Terry Sullivan
in honor of Luann
Teresa Roche
Teresa Funke
in honor of Raisa Slutsky-Moore
Joe Schicke
in honor of Alma Vigomarles
Lois Vargas
Jill Kreutzer
Lesli Tanski
Christine Forster
Kate Tufano
Christine Doyon
Megan Larson
Catherine Cole Janonis
Carrie Visintainer
Pamela Standen
Lisa Evans
Rachel Lee
Kathleen Zuehlsdorff
Kelly Haworth
Tobias Clary
Jama Lea Bradley
Beth Jaeger
Ben Zuehlsdorff
Lois Vargas
Abigail Czarniecki
Cara V Hollenbeck
Laurie Minamide
Lisa A Hawkes
Max Knees
Vanessa Fewell
Todd Gaines
Gloria Kat
Olga Shabalin
Christi Batie
Faith Ronish

The Child Care Contribution Tax Credit

The Child Care Contribution Tax Credit (the CCTC) provides a valuable tax credit against a taxpayer’s CO state income tax. The credit equals 50 percent of the amount of a contribution made to a qualifying Colorado charitable organization that promotes child care, like The Family Center/ La Familia.

Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor, up to $25K of contributions this month will be matched dollar for dollar! As added incentive, donations also qualify for the Colorado Child Care Contribution Tax Credit, which offers an additional deduction on your state income taxes. 50% of your contribution comes right off of your taxable income. To illustrate the impact of your gift (for someone in the 22% tax bracket):

We understand that not everyone is in a position to make a large donation, and we appreciate your support in any way.

Recurring donations are extremely valuable to our organization. Even $10 a month goes a long way to make an impact. Consider a monthly reoccurring donation for La Familia. You can securely set it up here.

Thank you to our event sponsors: