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We’re seeking 100 new donors or donor teams, giving $100 per month. Monthly giving helps us plan, budget and spend effectively. Join us!

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Can’t give $100 on your own? That’s fine! Get a group of friends, coworkers, neighbors or book club members together to help. The possibilities are endless!

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Double our annual fundraising efforts and help us raise $120,000 to:

Increase the quality of our care

by paying living wages and benefits to our staff

Increase childcare scholarship funds

available to working families


Expand our space

to increase our programs and services, all of which currently have waiting lists

How can you get involved?

Donate today – give what you can. Are you a member of a kickball team or book club? Pool your resources and commit to each giving $10 per month for the next year. You can make a huge impact!

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