The cost of childcare in Larimer County is between $7,000 and $20,000 a year for one child.

  • The US Department of Human Services recommends childcare costs should not exceed 7% of a family’s budget.

Early childhood education is more than just a necessity for working parents; it is more than just a critical foundation for holistic child development; it is also a huge benefit to society as a whole. 

This makes access to affordable childcare important to us and all who live in Larimer County. 

Data and research consistently show that investing in quality childcare programs yields long-term benefits for children, families, and communities. Keep reading to learn our top ten advantages of early childhood education for families and the ripple effects for society. 

  1. Enhanced cognitive development

A child’s brain undergoes significant development during the early years. High-quality early education centers provide a stimulating environment to foster cognitive growth. Interactive activities, age appropriate learning materials, and social interactions lead to improved cognitive abilities, language skills, and problem-solving capabilities.

  1. Social and emotional development

Introducing children to social interactions with peers and caregivers at a young age promotes emotional intelligence and social skills. Learn to share, communicate, and empathize helps children build strong interpersonal relationships, reducing the likelihood of behavioral issues later in life. 

  1. Increased school readiness

Early education helps prepare children for formal education and sets a foundation for a lifelong love of learning. Often children exhibit better language and math skills, higher attention spans, and are more likely to succeed academically in the long run. 

young boy flexing his arms
  1. Empowerment for working parents

Accessible, reliable child care enables parents, particularly mothers, to participate fully in the workforce. The security and empowerment leads to increased economic stability for families, reducing the strain on government welfare programs, and boosting economic growth through a bigger labor force.

  1. Gender equality and diversity

Both mothers and fathers being able to actively pursue their careers promotes gender equality in the workplace. Early childcare centers can also encourage diversity and inclusivity by exposing children to various cultures, backgrounds, and experiences at an early age.

  1. Long-term economic benefits

Investing in early education is a wise economic decision. Research shows that every dollar spent yields significant returns on reduced future spending on special education, welfare, and crime prevention. Early education also results in a more productive and skilled workforce, leading to economic growth. 

  1. Healthier lifestyle choices

Child care centers can prioritize physical activity and healthy eating habits. By encouraging regular exercise and nutritious meals, children are more likely to adopt healthy lifestyle choices later, reducing healthcare costs associated with obesity and related illnesses. 

table with ABC blocks, books with an apple on top, and colored pencils
  1. Crime reduction

Children who attend quality early education centers are less likely to engage in criminal activity later in life, resulting in safer communities and lower costs associated with law enforcement. 

  1. Support for vulnerable families

Centers like The Family Center/La Familia can offer targeted support for families facing challenges such as poverty, single parenthood, or language barriers. By providing a nurturing and supportive environment, they can empower vulnerable families and promote social equity. 

  1. Building a stronger society

In the long run, investing in early childcare and education strengthens society as a whole. Children grow into compassionate, responsible, and productive adults who contribute positively to their communities. This fosters a sense of unity and cooperation, creating a more resilient and cohesive society.

When we recognize the significance of early childhood education and care, we can also recognize that it is imperative for governments, businesses, and individuals to work together to ensure this care is accessible and affordable for all of our collective futures.

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