Intake & Assesment - La Familia

As a Family Resource Center, we use the Colorado Family Support Assessment [CFSA] as part of our intake with every family.

The CFSA is a tool for family development workers as they meet with individuals and families to document progress towards self-reliance. It is effective at identifying progress or maintenance of family goals because it helps to foster discussion surrounding family strengths and areas where additional supports may be needed.

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The CFSA also functions as a communication tool for garnering public support. It demonstrates the success of local programs and provides valuable information about community conditions to both the general public and policymakers. As use of the CFSA continues to grow, it promises to be an effective communication tool for illustrating the strengths, as well as weaknesses, of our community to help families work towards healthy, self-reliant living.

The Family Center / La Familia also uses an array of screening tools and milestone assessments to ensure healthy development in the children we serve. We work closely with local health clinics to ensure the proper referral is made for kids who need further assessment after screening. Please see the Health Screenings section under Healthy Living Programs for further details.

For more information about the Colorado Family Support Assessment or any of our developmental tracking tools, please contact our Director of Programs.

Susan Krcmarik
Director of Programs