Our Facilities - La Familia

For a tour of our facilities, please contact Herman

The Family Center / La Familia is located in North Fort Collins. We are just off the Poudre River bike path and sandwiched between Hickory Village, Soft Gold Park and the Poudre River.

We have several different types of educational spaces at our facility:
A_Pandas_SMALLER   A_Penguines__SMALLER

There are 5 early childhood education classroom, infant through preschool.

a_youth_SMALLER   a_youth2_SMALLER
We have a huge Youth Education Room that hosts after school and summer programming. 

Adult Ed_SMALLER    mural art 5_SMALLER
Our Adult Education room is home to many educational events and resources.

 A mural 1_SMALLER   A mural 2_SMALLER
These education rooms are connected by a colorful 80 foot mural in our hallway that is host to Intercambio ESL tutoring throughout the week.

We also have the Martell Room: a cozy, confidential and secure space for family, staff and community meetings.

A playground1_SMALLER   A playground5_SMALLER
A playground3_SMALLER   A playground4_SMALLER
There are 3 age appropriate playgrounds for the different early childhood age brackets.

A Garden3_SMALLER   A Garden5_SMALLER
A Garden2_SMALLER   A Garden4_SMALLER
We also have 3 community garden locations surrounding the building.

Our advocacy, program and administrative staff are all hosted on site as well, so there is ease of access between all of our programs, coordinators and educators!

If you are interested in utilizing our facilities for an agency/community meeting or an ongoing program, please contact us.