About - La Familia

History & Mission

Since 1995, The Family Center/La Familia, a bilingual organization, has provided the Fort Collins community with a primary goal to strengthen and stabilize working families.

Who We Are

The Family Center/La Familia emerged from a coalition of Fort Collins community members concerned about maintaining and enhancing the quality of life for working families in Larimer county.

What’s a Family Resource Center?

Family resource centers provide safe, accessible places for families to connect with comprehensive, coordinated services that help them strengthen their families and become more self-reliant.

Principles of Family Support

An approach to strengthening families and communities so that they can foster the optimal development of children, youth, and adult family members.

Strengthening Families: A Protective Factors Framework

The Strengthening Families approach is a research-based, cost-effective strategy to increase family strengths, enhance child development, and reduce child abuse and neglect. It focuses on building a strong foundation of the Five Protective Factors that promote healthy outcomes.

Intake & Assessment

Intake and Assessment is a tool for family development workers as they meet with individuals and families to document and support progress towards self-reliance.

Community Partners

Our partners that support the development of our friends, family, and community.