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Experiential Play Areas

The Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale-Revised [ECERS-R]: A thorough revision of the ECERS, designed to assess group programs for preschool-kindergarten aged children, from 2 through 5 years of age. Total scale consists of 43 items.

The School-Age Care Environment Rating Scale [SACERS]: Designed to assess before and after school group care programs for school-age children, 5 to 12 years of age. The total scale consists of 49 items, including 6 supplementary items for programs enrolling children with disabilities.


At The Family Center / La Familia we are constantly reevaluating our classrooms to optimize our learning environments. We use two sets of scaled Rating systems which are designed to assess process quality in our early childhood and school age class rooms. Process quality is assessed primarily through observation and is more predictive of child outcomes than purely structural indicators such as staff to child ratio, group size, cost of care, and even type of care. (Whitebook, Howes & Phillips, 1995). Structural indicators are used within the classroom as well (see: Qualistar).

In order to provide care and education that will permit children to experience a high quality of life while helping them develop their abilities, El Nidito incorporates three major focus areas:

  • Protection of child health and safety
  • Building positive relationships
  • Opportunities for stimulation and learning from experience

All of these components are vital to the support and care of a child. These are the key aspects of process quality that are included in our environmental rating scales.