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Thank you for your interest in our volunteer program! The Family Center/La Familia offers a wide variety of opportunities that are designed to be rewarding, productive and fun! As a non-profit organization our volunteers are vital to the success of our daily operations. We depend on your generous donation of time and talent. Due to the nature of our services, volunteers must be 16 or older to work with our kids and youth.

Check out the Coloradoan article about volunteering with us!

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  • Have an impact in your community and enrich the lives of families in need
  • Gain valuable hands-on experience
  • Meet other people passionate about families and children
  • Enjoy many smiles and hugs


  • Read, Learn, Explore! After School Program
  • Playgroups and Group Connections Bi-lingual Childcare
  • Classroom Aides
  • Adult Education
  • Spanish Conversation Group
  • Summer Enrichment Program
  • C.A.T.C.H. Healthy Kids Program
  • Cooking Matters Classes
  • Front Office / Administrative Assistance
  • Data Entry
  • Photography
  • Special Events (outreach, promotions, planning, decorating, staffing, etc.)
  • Bulletin Boards
  • Community Outreach
  • Translation



There are three major steps before volunteering with us:
1.        Fill Out a Volunteer Application
2.       Schedule a Volunteer Orientation (contact Kodi)
3.      Complete an Orientation/Volunteer Interview
4.      Complete a Background Check

Fill Out a Volunteer Application:
If possible, please fill out an application prior to the orientation (the link is at the bottom of this page). Applications can also be done during the orientation if need be.

Schedule a Volunteer Orientation:
We ask volunteers to go through an orientation which typically lasts no more than an hour. This includes a tour of our facilities and the volunteer intake interview where we will get to know you and find out more about what you would like to do at The Family Center/La Familia.

Complete a Background Check:
Because we do not have the funds at this time to cover volunteer processing fees, we ask that volunteers contribute $25 to cover the cost of a background check and t-shirt uniform. If you are a high school, community college, or university student, we have a reduced student fee of $15 for the background check. Students who are volunteering for a particular class or assignment must complete and return a signed waiver from your teacher. We process the background checks with the information provided on the volunteer application, so please be sure to be thorough. Our volunteers’ information and files are confidential.

Due to licensing, those interested in volunteering with us for over 14 days will need to go through a fingerprint background check. This is at a higher cost to us and we therefore ask for a $40 community fee and a $25 student fee. Volunteers may pay the original cost up front and then pay the difference later should they decide to continue beyond the 14 day mark. Note: This is only required for those volunteering in our Youth Programs or our Early Childhood Education Center (El Nidito).

If you would like to volunteer please contact our Volunteer Coordinator:

Maggie Shafer

The Family Center/La Familia

309 Hickory St. #5

Ft. Collins, CO 80524



Please fill out an Electronic Volunteer Application HERE.

The Family Center / La Familia Volunteers can login to VicNet HERE.